Firstly, let me explain the mind, there is two parts to the mind some will say 3 but I’m focusing on theses 2. We have the conscious part which is your mind reading this content, you’re here and now awareness it’s your rational logic mind that views the outer world and makes judgments and decision’s.

Our subconscious is the part that regulates body temperature, it’s our emotions, our habits, beliefs
negative or positive perceptions our actions, the language we speak, fears and phobias, the law of
attraction, our memory our traumas our dreams and it operates without our awareness.
Whatever we put in our subconscious mind will be shown in our reality. Think of your mind like a
hardware system our old patterns from the age of conception to birth and behaviours has hindered
most of to become our true self hypnosis is your quick fix solution

(Now let’s talk about hypnosis what it is and what it’s not)

Hypnosis is a trance state of the mind and we go into this state 100s of times a day, a hypnotist will get you to relax and to really focus on one point (consciously) then implementing suggestions that go directly to your subconscious mind, the positive suggestions over write what has already been stored thus changing and empowering your life.

(What it’s not)

Hypnosis does not make you do things out of your will
Hypnosis can’t make you spill your deepest darkest secrets
You can not get stuck in trance.

(A list of some problems that can help with hypnosis)

_sports related issues
_Stop smoking
_Weight loss
_eating habits

perceptions and beliefs from negative to positive basically, anything that you feel hinders your growth and development can be solved using hypnosis.
Hypnosis is the quickest and the most effective tool to change and enhance your lifestyle.
Become the best version of yourself

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