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What’s up guys!! My name is Darren McKevitt (The Irish Alchemist), founder & CEO of MCKEVITT Lifestyles. I came from a small town called Dublin in Ireland one of many great countries. For the past 14 years I have been studying and practicing spirituality, the law of attraction, hypnosis and nlp.  implementing these tools as the years went on, I found my lifestyle and world beginning to change, but only as much as it was, to what I was implementing. When I began to go deeper and to utilize Gratitude, self-improvement, Self-awareness, discipline and self-empowerment and putting myself around the right people that’s when things really began to change, I became more self- sufficient more productive more disciplined and of course a better human. With all this combined in life there is no stopping any individual from achievement greatness.

My main goal was FREEDOM, FREEDOM from my negative habits, limiting beliefs negative thoughts, negative lifestyle and of course FREEDOM FINANCIALY, who doesn’t what that? FREEDOM to travel and to live as you please without worry, I most CERTANLY DO. But there is one most important goal and this is to create a legacy you see your either someone or your no one in this world and I chose to be someone of high value and greatness enabling me to create a better future for my kids and their kids while making
an impact in this world. YOU may or may not know this but when we change our core beliefs, perceptions and mindset and align to what we want we will automatically attract the people the situations and OPPORTUNITYS to match this if you’re reading this right now you have attracted me.

To this date I am now an international published author, with 5 successful businesses and more to come, I was able to EMEGRATE to a HOTTER CLIMATE enjoying the new lifestyle with deeper meaning and purpose. I live by the saying pull our brothers and sisters up and that’s my mission RIGHT NOW is to help YOU and assist YOU to do the same or whatever your dreams and goals may be. My services’ can PROVIDE YOU, with the same outcome weather it be a new business or a new lifestyle the IRISH ALCHMEST has got you covered. So YOU CLICK the LINK and GET STARTED level up in all areas of your life, by CLICKING the LINK you will have made the best decision in taking your life to the next level with a SECURE FUTURE. My team and I will fully support you while you smash the shit out of your goals and collect them WINS.

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Looking forward to connecting with you and seen you levelling up in all areas of your life!!
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step